Monday, June 28, 2010

horsey update!

Here's the latest on Artecy's horses 3, starting to see some horse there. I'm enjoying stitching this one. It's going slowly since I'm stitching it 1x1, but I think the details look really good that small. I started a small project to work on when the tiny stitches get to be too much. It's a Lizzie Kate Snippet called Prayer Connection. It's really cute and I'm stitching this one 2x2 on 28 count so easy stitching on this one! :0)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

We survived the rain!

lol, sort of, our roof leaked, well, everywhere. The sound of dripping water is not soothing to me, it's downright irritating and causes me great stress. They got up to 11 inches in Edmond, I'm not sure how much we got as the gauge part of my rain gauge is missing, but I'm sure we got almost as much. Our driveway is washed out and hubby has to park at the top next to the gate, no way is his car making it all the way down. I know that there are people who lost everything in the flooding and I should be grateful that all we need is a new roof, but it's hard sometimes. Especially when my hubby is not that motivated to fix anything around the house. What's a girl to do? Well pray of course~that always works!

june 2010

I lost several of my cross stitch projects that got rained on. I thought they were safe where I had put them up, but they got soaked and stained from the dresser they were stored in. Want to guess what a 30-40 year old dresser that has lived in a smokers house(not mine)smells like when it gets wet? Nasty. At least my yarn is safe and sound, silver lining~lol. Oh well, life has it's ups and downs, I think I need to bury myself in some cross stitch for the next few days, that should improve my pity-party mood~