Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well, it's been awhile since I updated here, not much going on lately. With the weather being so hot you would think that I'd be getting alot of stitching done, but not really. lol, I stitched some small patterns that will be Christmas ornaments. And I finished an afghan, all I have to do is tie up the ends and then I will take a pic for you. It's been a really long time since I finished any crochet, I've really missed crocheting and am picking it back up again. I used to buy yarn like I do threads for xstitch, meaning I would buy it just because I wanted it & not really having a project in mind for it!

I did get a new place ready for my garden for next year. I'm moving the veggie garden and am letting the raised beds in the front yard just be for flowers next year. There is too much grass to dig out and I don't have the energy to mess with it anymore. I never get ahead of it lol! Now, to get my hubby to keep his promise of a fence for the new one, he never did fence the old one :(0 ~

School starts next Thursday, my munchkin will be starting the 2nd grade~hubby, naturally, is complaining about all the school supplies. They do ask for alot, but I'm ok with sending clorox wipes and tissues-kids share germs like candy lol! hugs, Christine

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