Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Saturday

Howdy! It's been awhile since I updated here. Been busy I guess, not anything dramatic just life in general. You know how everyday things can keep you going at full speed! lol

I've been busy stitching (of course)! I received my first rr to stitch on for the artecy rr we've started on the forum. I'm excited about it, this is the first time I've done an rr. If it goes well, I'll definitely do more of them. I like to stitch for other people, it's a good feeling when someone gets excited over something you've made for them.

As for my crocheting, I'm working on another round ripple afghan-this one is called Aztec Sun round ripple, I'm using black, green and yellow for the colors in it. I'm about halfway done with it. I've got lots of crochet projects planned, but I'm being very good and not starting them all at once! (it's hard though, truth be told the only reason I haven't started them all is lack of yarn lol!)

The weather here is starting to turn cooler, time to start getting ready for the winter weather. Dh says the almanac etc. says its supposed to be a cold and wet winter. Yuck. Have I mentioned that I hate cold weather? Anything below 70 degrees is bad in my opinion. Guess I'll just have to stay busy inside. My SIL brought me more books to read so I have lots to keep occupied with.

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