Thursday, July 23, 2009

some updates

Here is my progress on the sign sampler, after finishing the first row, I've discovered I am 3 rows off on all but the bottom row :0( I've decided to skip to the bottom two rows to see what it will look like when I get those signs stitched. If it doesn't look wrong I will leave it alone~grrr

This is Reign by My Big Toe. I'm stitching it 2x2 on 28 count with Vikki Clayton silks. I've changed the colors quite a bit, it calls for Crescent colors old red paint/dmc 902 and old purple paint/dmc 3740. I didn't like those colors, they seem drab to me. I wanted brighter colors~

and last, but certainly not least, here is my progress on Dark Cherry for the haed bb sal. I've almost completed the first page. Got the last page in the last sal weekend, lol I'd say I'm a little behind! She's so pretty, I love stitching on her ;0)

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