Sunday, July 11, 2010

got dirty in the garden today

lol, today I got busy in my garden. Haven't been able to do alot lately since it's been raining so much. This has to be the wettest summer we've had here in Oklahoma in a long time. I staked my heirloom tomato plants, they were getting real leggy. I used some redbud limbs that got cut down so the electric people could reach our pole awhile back. They made great stakes, of course since I didn't stake them when I planted them in the spring everything is all crooked, but I don't mind really. I also removed 3 tomato plants so I could make a row between them. They were over-crowded and the tomato worms were munching away. I couldn't get to them easily so decided I needed to make space. I still have 6 huge plants left, lol My okra is finally blooming, yay! Can't wait until they are ready to pick, yummy~


Daffycat said...

I don't want to complain about rain in July but holy won't stop! The grass needs cutting every couple of days now and sometimes it's too wet to mow!

I'm sure August will be a scorcher since July has been wet & mild.

Christine said...

lol, don't I know it, and my lawnmower picks now to break down! I'm gonna need a brushhog to mow my yard soon!!