Friday, January 23, 2009

fairy dreams wip

Here is what I decided to work on next, it's Fairy Dreams by Lavender & Lace. I don't remember exactly when I started this one, I think it was January of 2007, but I didn't write down my start date so it's just a guess. It's on 28 count monaco, all I have left is the metallics and beads. She's been neglected terribly, hopefully it won't take too long to get her finished~


Nuttystar said...

Hi there!

She is beautiful! I stitched the Fairy grandmother by Lavendar and Lace. It took me on and off nearly 10 years to complete so I am impressed that you have managed this in 2!! I am currently stitching a beautiful (and huge!!) wedding design by Gong ting for my friends wedding in August. I hope I finish it in time!! I have posted my progress on my blog.

Take care x

Zi said...

Ohhh, love it! :x:x:x ^^
hv u already finished? :D

I'm also stitching a kit of Gong Ting. But it's designed by Pinn. There are the memaids - mom and child hug together. U know it? :-s
I don't remember exactly when I starting, but about Feb25. Its fabric size is 50x65cm (aida 14 count). I stitched stitched and stitched but i just nearly completed sea water and her tail. OMG =.= It's been neglected terribly too. :P

Nice day X'tine! :x