Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's supposed to be spring now, right?

It's snowing here today. After raining all day yesterday, it is a mess! I'm thankful however, that the weatherman was wrong (at least here in central OK) This junk was supposed to start last night and it only just now started at about 1:00 this afternoon. I don't think any of it will actually stick around, it's been too warm lately and the ground isn't frozen anymore. We did need the rain though, it's been a very dry for a while now. I'm really thankful that I haven't done any gardening except for some elephant ears that I planted last week, they should be fine. Got watered in real good huh!! lol


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is supposed to be spring but I think the weather forgets what it should be doing. Jr. did great today coming in 9th. Yay for Jimmy Johnson. Did you catch the interview with Rick Hendrick and Darrell Waltrip? I think Darrell should learn to keep quiet about other drivers and what goes on with thier crews.

Number One Novels said...

Not to brag, but...spring's been great here in CA. We've had some puffy clouds and a lot of wind, but we're getting rain later this week, thankfully. I love the rain, and we need it!