Monday, March 9, 2009


Another fairly good finish for Dale jr-11th not so bad considering the race was a joke. I was once again bored. Bored, bored bored. At this rate I would not consider paying $$ to go see a race at one of the tracks. Dale jr is pretty much the only reason I stick with it on Sundays~

On a different subject, it's springtime here in the Sooner state. All my daffodils are blooming along with the bridal wreath bushes, the firebushes, and the plum & peach trees as well. They are kind of sparse though compared to before the icestorm. And it's been so dry as well. I've reclaimed another part of my yard, I'm hard at it getting branches etc. picked up and piled up. Not much else to do with it at the moment, certainly can't burn it lol. So I'll make compost out of it. That's a good thing, right?!

I've been stitching a little bit. I've slowed down somewhat as I need to get my eyes checked. It's getting hard to focus on the small print and I've been getting headaches. Doesn't help that I've had a cold/allergies all in one for the last week or so. Welcome springtime! lol


Daffycat said...

Ha! Even if I couldn't see all the blooming going around us I can feel it. My allergies have been nuts lately. Welcome Springtime, indeed!

Kristie R said...

I live 1 hour & 15 minutes from the Atlanta track and usually go but glad I didn't this time because you are right it was boring! I'm suppose to go to the fall race but I'm thinking I'd rather go to Dega!

I'm glad to see spring, things are starting to bloom around here pretty!

have a nice week