Saturday, May 23, 2009

I made a doily! lol

Here is my first blocking board I made this afternoon! Not bad for a first attempt at making my own. I had to use a small scrap of plywood that I had on hand that didn't need to be cut down to size so it's a little thin. I used my husbands stapler, I really need to invest in my own stapler I found out. His is I guess what you'd call industrial size! The staples went all the way through all the layers and still had the ends of the staples sticking out. I just pounded them flat with a hammer and all is well, lol. Not showing you the back as it is kind of messy, besides I'm not using the back so who needs to see it huh?! lol The doily is called Daisy in the sun and is from the July 2009 issue of Crochet! that I got in the mail this morning. It was supereasy to make and really fun too. I'll take a better picture of it once it's dry and off the board.

As for my latest xstitch finish, Yesteryear, I've decided to turn it into a bellpull. I need to find just the right fabric for it, and order some hardware too. I found some at 123 stitch that I like and it is reasonably priced as well so hopefully I can get that one finish-finished soon! lol, technical term that, finish-finished! ;)

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