Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My orts!

As promised, here are my orts. I was keeping them in an old goldfish bowl, but recently got this old jar in a bunch of my mother-n-laws sewing stuff my father-n-law brought to me. It was holding buttons but I decided it would be much nicer with all my pretty threads in it. It doesn't have a lid and I normally keep it right next to me on the kitchen table where I do most of my stitching these days. I like the idea that something I always thought of as trash can be considered artsy!


Julia said...

Orts...exactly what is

Christine said...

lol, I'm not real sure what the word "orts" means, but I saw it on another stitchy blog where they were having what they called a "Totally Useless SAL" and though I didn't join the sal, I do keep the jar with leftover threads in it so decided to show the pic lol!