Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The list

I finally decided to get organized and ready for next year's stitching. I've got a dresser drawer that I've been storing all my projects in and this afternoon I went through and counted them. 22. That's how many I've got going. 22. That's alot! So I've made a list and am determined to finish at least half of them next year without starting anything new with the exception of the yearly SAL challenge for the HAED bb. It's included in the list even though it won't be started until the new year. When did I get so carried away with the starting and not finishing of projects? When I started getting online and visiting all the lovely forums and online stores with all the must-have it, must-start it now patterns and ideas! Yes, I'm blaming the internet for my serial-starter ways, I have contracted startitis and it seems there is no cure for it. lol
I'm thinking of setting up some sort of reward system to keep me motivated. Maybe allow myself stash-enhancement when I reach certain goals on certain pieces etc. Haven't completely thought that idea out yet. I will definitely post lots of pics and updates to share~

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