Wednesday, February 4, 2009

fairy dreams is finished!

Yay me! I finished fairy dreams tonight, woohoo!! Another long-time wip bites the dust. I still don't have any batteries in my camera but should get some tomorrow, so no pic yet :(
It is such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to finish something so large, I don't know what I will be stitching on next. I'm thinking of doing haed's pirate dragon freebie. It's such a cute design and I've had my eye on him for awhile now. Actually I've already printed him out and he's sitting here on my desk staring at me-stitch me, stitch me he says! So I think I shall, and completely ignore my new years resolutions of no new starts until I finish the old ones. But honestly, did you think I could resist starting new ones?! I do have startitis and it's not curable. You can only treat the symptoms, with new starts~lol, hugs, Christine

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