Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was ok, dh worked all weekend so it was just me and the munchkin. Sort of a quiet and blah kind of weekend. It was chilly and cloudy most of the time. Today it is drizzly and cold. For me anyways, anything under 75 degrees is cold, lol. Watched alot of tv, cartoons and nascar. Gotta love that pink panther! That is my daughter's favorite cartoon for now. She wants me to crochet her a pink panther afghan. It's on the list, lol!

I watched both the nationwide and sprint cup nascar races. I've decided that I really like Joey Lagano, for such a young man he certainly is doing well so far in his career. I really enjoyed seeing Dale Jr run up front for most of the sprint cup race, I almost cried when he got wrecked, again by nothing of his own doing. He's doing so much better, it's obvious to me that he and Lance Mcgrew are working well together and it would be nice if people would quit WRECKING MY FAVORITE DRIVER!! hmphfff

Stitching wise, I haven't done much cross stitching the past few days. I have been crocheting though and I finished up a round ripple that I've had going for awhile and got quite alot done on dh's afghan. I can't take pics at the moment as my camera needs new batteries and the ones I've got just won't work in it. I don't know why, they are brand new, I opened the package myself. Technology confounds me alot of the time, lol So hopefully when payday rolls around I will remember to get more new batteries and try to get some pics to show, hope ya'll have a great week, hugs

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Carolyn said...

Happy Monday to you,

Brrr! We are going to have cooler temps for the next few days due to a storm brewing. I have decided a while ago that I like Tony Logano. He is a refreshing change to have. What is it with people and getting Jr. caught up in their mistatkes? Hopefully next year things will turn around for him. He is such a good guy. Can't wait to see your pics of your current projects. Have a good week!