Thursday, October 15, 2009

pics of the afghans~

Here is my round ripple all finished, this one is the free pattern by Aggie May, I like this pattern alot but had a lot of trouble keeping the gauge correct so it wouldn't poof up in the middle. It poofs, just a tiny bit, lol! I like it though. This one and several other afghans I've made over the past year are going to go to charity. I haven't decided where yet, need to do some checking into that to see what is available locally. My niece works in a nursing home, maybe I will see if I can bring them up there for the residents. I'm sure they will be appreciated.
And here is my hubby's blanket I'm working on. I added some navy blue at the top and am going to go in a pattern with the navy blue, teal, and grey in big stripes with the teal being the dominant color. This is almost halfway done, since he is very tall-6'4"-it needs to be really long! So that's about all I'm doing at the moment. I have an artecy cross stitch pattern that I'm working on, it's called Chat Noir and is a project my SIL started but doesn't have time to finish since she is working fulltime now. So I'm gonna finish it up for her. I find that if I'm stitching something for someone else, I can stick with it until I'm done. If I'm stitching for me, it's just whatever catches my interest in the moment, lol. I enjoy my hobbies~hugs

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